Fragrant Thai Soup (Tom Yom Goong)

  • 8 C. Chicken broth

  • 2 inch Ginger root, peeled, sliced

  • 2 stalks lemongrass, smashed and chopped

  • ½ Thai chili (optional)

  • 2-3 TB. Fish sauce

  • 2 tsp. Sugar

  • 2 tsp. green curry paste

  • 1 Lime, zested and juiced

  • 1 Tomato, chopped

  • Shrimp or Chicken

  • Cilantro, roughly chopped

  • Dark leafy greens, or baby bok choy, cut into ribbons with scissors

  • Basil, ribbons


  1.   Bring the stock to a simmer. Add lemongrass, ginger, chili, Fish sauce, Sugar, lime zest and green curry paste. Lower heat, cover, and let simmer for 30 minutes.

  2. Uncover, taste, add lime juice to taste. Strain broth if desired, add protein if desired, tomato and all greens. Return to simmer until greens cooked.

  3. Serve with fresh basil and a drizzle of soy or tamari.