At Kitchen Underground, we're proudly obsessed with food and cooking. We've built lives around the perfect recipe. We started cooking as soon as we could pull a stool up to the stove. We learned family recipes from our mothers, fathers, and grandparents before we could read. We've moved boxes of cookbooks from house to house and across the country. We keep our knives sharp and our pantries stocked. We've got stories to tell, recipes to share, and a place at the table for you. We're food bloggers and writers, chefs and food artisans, and home cooks on a mission to share the dishes we love best. Our site is the place to discover one-of-a-kind cooking classes, taught by passionate local cooks in intimate, authentic spaces in our community. 

Amy Anton, Food Lover - Amy grew up sitting on the kitchen counter watching her mom cook, gave dinner parties in high school, cooked for all her roommates in college, and now has three boys who never stop eating. A long-time advocate for delicious home cooking, she won the Saveur magazine Italian recipe contest in early 2000. Amy is passionate about local food, and is a founding board member of Recipe for Success Foundation and the founder of aaCooks, a Houston-based cooking forum.