Jessica Burleson A grant writer, gardener, sustainable food advocate, mom, and blogger, Jessica loves to share resources on providing healthy foods for babies and toddlers on her blog Baby TasteBuds. In addition to cooking and mothering, she loves modern dance and ballet, rock climbing, and experimenting with her family’s community garden plot. 

Pamela Crawford An esthetician, massage therapist, and teacher, Louisiana native Pamela Crawford grew up in a family that lived and breathed food. Nothing soothes her soul more than standing over a stove stirring a roux until it's just right.  

Barrie Cullinan A pastry chef with over 18 years of baking experience, Barrie worked her way through kitchens in New York City and Austin and had her own local bakery business – Amity Bakery - for four years. Finding inspiration from shopping at local farmer's markets, conversations with other cooks, and traveling, she creates pastries that are rooted in traditional technique yet blend in creative flavor profiles. She finds the most pleasure in baking from sharing what she bakes.

Barbara Frisbie Local farm to table cook and owner of El Locavore Catering, Barbara is passionate about creating delicious and memorable food experiences. She’s amazed by how much better everything tastes when it’s prepared outside and cooked over fire. Her husband Brian creates sculptural elements, many created for open fire cooking, at Frisbie Design Concern.

Megan McDonald and Leah Jones Co-founders of Crickers Crackers, Megan and Leah make healthy, sustainable snack foods with cricket flour in Austin, Texas. All of our products are paleo-friendly and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and GMOs.

Mariana McEnroe is thinking about a recipe right now. Born and raised in Mexico, she has been both an architect and a professional baker and cook. Two years ago, she and her husband created Yes, More Please! a cooking blog featuring step-by-step recipes and an extra serving of cooking inspiration. This outlet for her cooking passion takes the form of recipes that combine a wide variety of ingredients and flavors. Mariana loves to teach cooks at all levels how to turn scratch-made recipes into excitement on a plate. 

Caitlin Moore A gardener, designer, blogger, and DIY preserving guru, Caitlin owns Shepard's Flock Canning Company, an Austin-based gardening and preserving business. She spends her days in the sun planting vegetable and fruit gardens as well as Texas native landscaping and flower cutting gardens. She also teaches canning and preserving classes to help clients learn how to get the most out of their home gardens and local harvests. 

Teresa Morris An avid runner, blogger, and entrepreneur, Teresa was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2006. She began experimenting with nut and seed flours to bake nutritious and delicious muffins to fuel her runs, and thus ATX Ultra Eats was born. Her passion is to help people learn to use quality ingredients to create healthy gluten-free dishes so rich and flavorful that gluten becomes completely inconsequential!  

Megan Myers is a freelance food writer, a recipe developer, a blogging consultant, an editor, and the voice behind the food blog Stetted. Her mission is to create creative solutions for the kitchen and beyond. Megan didn’t learn how to cook from a school or even from her grandmother or mother, but through trial and error, cookbook reading, and intuition. Even with a jam-packed family schedule, almost every night she prepare a fresh home-cooked meal, and is taking what she has learned to share with others.

Maggie Perkins When food writer, former farmer, and market chef Maggie Perkins isn't preparing seasonal dishes on the fly at local farmers markets, you might find her at a backwoods barbecue joint in Mississippi, comparing chargrilled oysters in the Big Easy, or trading food folklore with a fishmonger on the coast. Her true north is in her home kitchen, puttering about, spinning vintage vinyl, perfecting her creole cooking techniques, and developing recipes she shares in print, and on her blog, Notes from Maggie's Farm

Shefaly Ravula A local veteran cooking instructor and recipe developer with a medical background, Shef focuses on quality ingredients for global, seasonal, and healthy cooking plus an occasional indulgence in specialty desserts. Shef's emphasis is on Indian regional, Indian-inspired, and other ethnic dishes, while incorporating local produce and goods. She often applies her passion in nutrition and background in medicine in her cooking classes to showcase that food can be medicine. You can find her blogging at Shef's Kitchen.

Lisa Rice A plant-based chef, educator, writer, mother, wife, and owner of Kitchen Plantastic, Lisa’s passion in life is helping people learn about the health benefits and culinary delights of plant-based cuisine. She aims to make a plant-based diet accessible to anyone willing to make changes in their diet, big or small. 

Deepa Shridhar Co-owner and head chef of Anjore, a farmers market stand and supper club specializing in Indian and Texan cuisine, Deepa's currently either cooking, reading or thinking about food. 

Pascal Simon A mosaic artist, teacher, baker, mother and owner of Bake Austin, Pascal grew up in Germany learning how to cook traditional pastry and cakes from both her grandmother and her aunt. She teaches baking and cake decorating classes to adults and children, and creates unique cakes for her clients. Pascal believes that all you need to succeed in the kitchen is a teaspoon of inspiration and a sprinkle of determination!

Iba Thiam Born in Senegal and educated in Europe, Iba is the owner of beloved Austin juice bar Juju Juice and food trailer Cazamance. He believes the kitchen is a magical place that is full of love. He loves transforming raw materials into something magical and nourishing. 

Mahshad Vakili A northeast transplant to Texas, Mahshad has spent the last decade between Austin and NYC, working in law, cultural arts, music, and now tech. An avid home cook and self-proclaimed food nerd, Mahshad loves to read about the history and chemistry of elemental ingredients and hunt down rare cheeses all over the globe, but her real passion lies in cooking for and hosting friends in her home. 

Sara Weber Local food advocate and past president of Slow Food Austin, Sara began baking at age five. She enjoys using high-quality ingredients and making things both delicious and beautiful, creative and whimsical. She loves teaching and has a degree in art education. Teaching baking, decorating and crafting is her way of sharing her love of creativity with others.

Elizabeth Winslow A food writer and culinary entrepreneur, Elizabeth has worked in the restaurant, catering, and grocery business for over 20 years. She's always hungry for good food and a good story - find her blogging over at Winslow + co