Oct. 12- Low Carb Italiano H/TX


Oct. 12- Low Carb Italiano H/TX


Ciao Italian foodies! Interested in learning how to make healthy Italian dishes that won’t leave you feeling sluggish and/or resentful when you step on that scale? Join me in this cooking class where we will explore the art of making low carb Italian dishes that look and taste absolutely delicious.

In this class, I will show you how to easily make:

  • Faux garlic gnocchi

  • Pizza with two types of low carb crusts

  • Low carb chicken parmesan

  • Sample 2-3 Low Carb pastas

Please note that the items made in the class may include nut flours and natural sweeteners such as erythritol, monkfruit and stevia.

Low carb way of eating is ideal for those who:

  • are already exploring the Ketogenic, Paleo, Whole30, or Atkins diet

  • just want to lose weight without having to feel consistently hungry

  • want to fine tune their physique

  • have dietary restrictions such as gluten, sugar, grain, or/and starch intolerances

Oct. 12 | 11 AM- 1 PM

Montrose area Houston- Address will be emailed week of class

Payment is non-refundable. Substitutions accepted with prior approval.

Sharon Svensson is a passionate low carb cook and foodie who started this way of eating when her 11- year old daughter was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a chronic autoimmune disease where insulin is administered and required to control their blood sugars which can drastically change from a multitude of factors including the amount of carbohydrate intake. She was adamant that she did not want her daughter to have unstable blood sugars from a high carb diet that made her feel sick on a daily basis and would eventually turn into long-term health complications. At the same time, she didn’t want to deprive her daughter of the delectable foods she grew up on since her daughter was a foodie herself.  That’s where her low carb cooking journey began. Her mission is to teach and make low carb food options that are absolutely delicious and healthy that everyone can enjoy and benefit from! Please visit her website at www.lowcarbminded.com

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