Jan. 20- Indian Classics w a Healthy Twist A/TX

Butter Chicken 1_BLOG.jpg
Butter Chicken 1_BLOG.jpg

Jan. 20- Indian Classics w a Healthy Twist A/TX


When you think of Indian food in the United States, you think about Mutter Paneer, Tandoori Chicken, Aloo Gobi, Channa Masala, and Butter Chicken! What if I told you that you can create these Indian restaurant classics in your own kitchen, using simple, healthy ingredients? It’s really quite simple!

Join Akshaya as she shows you how to make three classic Indian restaurant dishes, healthy enough to throw into your weekly meal rotations. This summer, we will be making Aloo Gobi, Channa Masala, and her showstopping Butter Chicken

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Jan. 20-  4-6:30 PM

Class held in Round Rock area. Address will be emailed 48 hours before class.

Born in India, Akshaya comes from a lineage of women who were known for their mouth-watering kitchen creations. Taking what she has learned from her mother, books, cooking shows and an Ayurvedic cooking training with Yoga Yoga and the Natural Epicurean, she brings authentic flavor, healthfulness and passion to the kitchen.

Akshaya is a committed Yoga teacher, a passionate home cook, and a loving mother to her two children.  She is also a lifelong student of Yoga, who is both teaching classes and working toward Advanced Teacher and Yoga Therapy certifications. Her cooking style draws on the traditions of her mother and grandmother, and is often enhanced by her study of Ayurveda.

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