May 13- Vegan/GF Indian (A/TX)


May 13- Vegan/GF Indian (A/TX)


Learn how to spin up batter in minutes and pour rice and lentil crepes or just lentil crepes packed with taste, nutritious ingredients and vegetables! Participants will learn how to use different spices and seasonings. They will also learn smart ways to include a variety of proteins, which combined with greens and whole grains, and fruits, make wholesome well balanced meals that are easy to satiate the pickiest of palates.

Your family will be going for seconds - no doubt. This class includes dishes and variations to them, that are all gluten free and vegan. We will be taking a creative and modern take on some age old classic dishes.

Preparations will include:

  • 3 classic indian dosa (sort of like a crepe) recipes
  • 4 chutneys
  • 2 nutritious stuffings that uses veggies and proteins
  • how to use spices to enrich the flavor while packing nutrition
  • ideas to make slight twists to make these fun for the little ones in your family
  • a free surprise giveaway - who doesn't like yummy surprises anyway?:)

May 13- 6-8:30

Location: Westlake Hills- Address will be emailed 24-48 hrs. before class.

Hema Reddy is a technology professional turned food blogger with a passion towards preparing wholesome meals and ensuring every dish includes the essentials of a well balanced diet. She particularly likes to include functional ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, and spices that aid one's immune system and gut health. Hema is well travelled and loves to combine various cuisines to create unique tasting creative dishes. She has her own youtube channel where she shares her video blogs and her website  The Sneaky Apron  showcases various foodie recipes and experiences. She has been featured on NBC and Fox.

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