May 10- Intro to Indian Spice Blends (A/TX)


May 10- Intro to Indian Spice Blends (A/TX)


Learn the basic of stir-frys. You can whip up anything with the tempering taught in this class, and make your own spice recipes. This is ideal for those looking to learn the ropes of versatile cooking styles and lay the foundation. 

Topics covered include, the techniques to create the perfect taste, staging of food, and tips and hacks to whip up delicious meals in no time. Plus, they are packed with nutrition. 


+ Bell Peppers, Potatoes and Cauliflower Curry - a timeless dish

+ Chicken in Swiss Chard and Herbs Curry

+ Raita (Yogurt with Cucumbers - My Mom's Secret Recipe!) 

+ Salad

+ Magical Three Spice Mix (Sprinkle on Anything!)

May 10- 6-8:30

Location: Westlake Hills- Address will be emailed 24-48 hrs. before class.

Hema Reddy is a technology professional turned food blogger with a passion towards preparing wholesome meals and ensuring every dish includes the essentials of a well balanced diet. She particularly likes to include functional ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, and spices that aid one's immune system and gut health. Hema is well travelled and loves to combine various cuisines to create unique tasting creative dishes. She has her own youtube channel where she shares her video blogs and her website  The Sneaky Apron  showcases various foodie recipes and experiences. She has been featured on NBC and Fox.

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