April 21- Meal Prep -Leander, TX


April 21- Meal Prep -Leander, TX


Here at Austintatious Cooking we encourage creativity and learning in relaxed environment. 

We offer home based cooking classes in Leander Tx, just North of Austin. We feel that home based classes give a practical application to the classes by allowing  guests to work with real kitchen tools and appliances they would have in their own home. Why do we do it out of the love for great food and sharing knowledge.

This meal Prep class will cover : 

  •   Portion control through serving size
  •  The importance of spices and marinades 
  •  Tech 2 techniques to meal prep 
  •  How to Store uncooked meals, and cooked meals
  •  Kitchen set up 

In class guest will prepare 7 meals, using 1 meal prep technique which will be eaten in class, 3 meals will be cooked in class using the 2nd technique, and 3 will be taken home and cooked. 

Take home:

  • Meal Prep tip sheet, that guest can also take notes on
  • Spices deck ( a deck of cards the gives information on all the spices used in class)
  • Recipes for marinades 
  • Prep and cooking instructions
  • plate used in cooking technique 1 

April 21 | 11 AM- 2 PM


Note to Students:

  • Aprons are provided at cooking location, along with all ingredients and cooking supplies. 
  • In the conformation email sent out with address in a questionnaire about food preference and food allergies Please answer and send back
  • Class will start at 11am as a curtesy to guest that did show up on time - at 11:15am the door will be closed and no entry will be allowed, at this point you will forfeit your seat and ticket. unless you have emailed, called or text the instructor to notify them you will be late. 
  • Pictures are taken in class, these pictures are posted on various social media sites to promote Austintatious Cooking. Please inform instructor before hand if you do not want your picture posted. 

Dusty has been in the food industry for 25yrs. She has worked in fast food, BBQ restaurants, and  Managed the Deli department at for a local grocery store for the past 12 yrs. In the fall of 2015 she and a her business partner started Austintatious Cooking which offers  home based cooking classes, company team building event, complex residence events, and Lunch -n- learns around Austin.  

"There is nothing more rewarding than to hear the hesitations in the beginning of class, and see all the lite up faces in the amazement of what they have accomplished by the end. "   - Dusty (instructor at Austintatious Cooking.)

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