Feb. 27- Learn to Bake Bread! A/TX

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Feb. 27- Learn to Bake Bread! A/TX


Too busy to bake your own bread you think?  Pshaw!  You Can Do It!

In just a few minutes a day, you can turn out steamy, crust-crackling, perfect home-baked loaves with just a little weekly prep. 

In this intimate beginning hands-on class in a series, learn the basics of baking homemade bread with little effort and time, yet with the same impressive results you’ll find in the best bakeries.  A perfect class for cooks of all ages and stages, you’ll experience hands-on, individualized instruction, learn how to mix no-knead dough and form loaves, and develop a sharp set of bread-baking skills to impress your family, friends….and most importantly, YOU.  

You’ll beam with pride as you take home your handiwork—a warm, fresh loaf of focaccia, with your choice of seasonal toppings, as well as a ready-to-bake loaf of your very own. 

You’re an AWESOME cook. Come uncover your genius. 

Feb. 27- 6:30-8pm | BYOB

Class located in S. Austin/Bouldin Creek/78704. Address provided 24 hours prior to class.  

No refunds, however your spot may be transferred to another with prior approval.

About Maggie Perkins: When food writer, former farmer, and market chef Maggie Perkins isn't preparing seasonal dishes on the fly at local farmers markets, you might find her at a backwoods barbecue joint in Mississippi, comparing chargrilled oysters in the Big Easy, or trading food folklore with a fishmonger on the coast. Her true north is in her home kitchen, puttering about, spinning vintage vinyl, perfecting her creole cooking techniques, and developing recipes she shares in print, and on her blog, Notes from Maggie's Farm.

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