Aug. 12- Camping Cuisine - A/TX


Aug. 12- Camping Cuisine - A/TX


Folks love to go camping, and we're entering the season when outdoors-y activities are going to be the norm for the next few months.

But what do you bring? What do you make at home, and what do you cook out at your campsite?

Doryan will give you some of the best recipes he's come across for easy outdoor treats, snacks that travel well, and meals that'll wow your nature-loving neighbors!

Doryan's Recommendations of Store-bought items/dry goods
What you want to freeze beforehand and why
Tortillas = Edible plates
Ponzucado, the world's easiest snack
Hummus avocado Sammich
Mini quiches = Breakfast Tacos made even easier
Fajitas (Doryan's award-winning recipe)
Easy Salmon bene (wow your campmates with ease!)

Saturday, Aug. 12 -  12-4 PM

Doryan Rice: I started throwing dinner parties with the knowledge my father gave me. Those got bigger and bigger until we couldn’t house them in one place anymore. A friend of mine decided to make it into a reality cooking show in 2002, and though it didn’t get picked up, it started me on the road to forming my own catering and event-planning company. Since then, I’ve catered for bishops, congressmen, nationally-traveling musicians, and plenty of hungry people! You can find more about me on my website here!

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