Sept. 30- Mother Sauces #1- Pomodoro A/TX


Sept. 30- Mother Sauces #1- Pomodoro A/TX


One of the most versatile so-called "mother sauces" that tie so many dishes and sauce blends together is plain old tomato sauce.
BUT there's so much you can do with one! And there are many variations that you can use to make this simple sauce reach across culinary and geographical boundaries!
Spend the afternoon with Chef Doryan as he guides the class through the possibilities of the pomodoro.

Pomodoro Sauce
Marinara Sauce
Tomato basil soup
Huevos in Purgatorio/Shakshuka
Italian Meatballs

Saturday, Sept. 30-  12-3 PM

Doryan Rice: I started throwing dinner parties with the knowledge my father gave me. Those got bigger and bigger until we couldn’t house them in one place anymore. A friend of mine decided to make it into a reality cooking show in 2002, and though it didn’t get picked up, it started me on the road to forming my own catering and event-planning company. Since then, I’ve catered for bishops, congressmen, nationally-traveling musicians, and plenty of hungry people! You can find more about me on my website here!

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