Feb. 5- How to Make a Dosa A/TX


Feb. 5- How to Make a Dosa A/TX


Dosa is a super popular south Indian dish that people just adore eating. There are many different ways to make it and the best part, is that they are loaded with protein and can be made vegan. Learn how to spin up batter in minutes and pour these rice and lentil crepes or just lentil crepes packed with taste, nutritious ingredients and vegetables! Side these crunchy & soft dosas with a hearty stir fried potatoes, or minced chicken. This is sure to impress your family and friends!

Participants will learn how to make the batter, pour them on, and cook the sides. The concepts taught are versatile to other ways of Indian cooking and can be applied to other varieties of meat and veggies.
This is a hands on class. Participants will get to sample the foods they make and walk away with a few spice mixes to get cooking in their home kitchens right away!

Feb. 5 |11:30-1:30- BYOB

Location: Westlake Hills- Address will be emailed 24-48 hrs. before class. Purchase is non-refundable but transferable with permission.

Hema Reddy is an accomplished culinary educator, and strongly believes in the experience of cooking. For her, it’s the most intimate way to bring family and friends together. She has been cooking since she was eight years old, and over time and through traveling worldwide, has garnered a keen sense of creating fusion styles of cooking and loves sharing kitchen tips and techniques. Hema is the founder of Sneaky Apron and just launched a tasty & nutritious packaged food product called wundernuggets. 

Hema has been featured on NBC and FOX 7 Austin, and Austin culinary hubs for her creative cooking styles.

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