Saturdays in April-Weekly Lunch and Dinner Prep A/TX


Saturdays in April-Weekly Lunch and Dinner Prep A/TX


This Class will include 7 days worth of Lunches and Dinners, based on a heart healthy diet. Guest will learn how to buy smart, prep their own meals, a good source to finding the right meal plan, plus weigh out and measure foods

Guests be going home with 14 meals ready made that are ready to go for next dinners, plus recipes.

Before class a survey will be sent to each guest just to get to know them and will include questions on food allergies, Food preferences in general as far as  likes and dislikes, and what they are looking for in a meal plan. The general meal plan will be sent out to everyone who signed up, allowing for substitutions due to allergies and preferences.

This class will be offered every Saturday in April with changing menus each week.

Saturday, April  1 PM-3 PM

Class location: Leander, address will be emailed 48 hours before class

Dusty Smarr has worked in the food industry for 20 years with experience in catering, BBQ, retail grocery and fast food.

Corally Ridge has been cooking for over 40 years. She ran her own catering company for 10 years and catered for Governor's parties and many other private residences. Both have been teaching classes for over 10 years.

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