April 11- The Royal Cuisine of India (A/TX)

chicken Biryani4.jpg
chicken Biryani4.jpg

April 11- The Royal Cuisine of India (A/TX)


India has seen its hair share of invasions and multi-cultural influences over the past few centuries. These had a significant impact on a lot of fronts, most of all, in the food and techniques. The finest cuisine was developed between the 15th and 19th centuries, in the courts of the Mughal Emperors, who raised cooking to an art form.The rich kitchens of these refined aristocrats included a fusion of the indigenous culinary traditions, which had been nurtured for almost 3,000 years by the Vedic and Aryan people, with the foods of Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan and the Turkish nations - later enhanced by including European touches. Attend this class to learn some of the basics of spices used to make these following signature " royal nizam" dishes:

  1. Biryani - a mix of tender marinated chicken and saffron basmati rice 
  2. Baghara baigan - eggplant stuffed with a delicious mix of tomatoes, sesame, coconut and spices
  3. Qubani ka Meetha - made with dried apricots rehydrated and mixed with nuts, whipped cream - that's just going to make your hear sing!  

April 11 - 11 AM-1:30PM

Location: Westlake Hills- Address will be emailed 24-48 hrs. before class.

Hema Reddy is a technology professional turned food blogger with a passion towards preparing wholesome meals and ensuring every dish includes the essentials of a well balanced diet. She particularly likes to include functional ingredients such as turmeric, ginger, and spices that aid one's immune system and gut health. Hema is well travelled and loves to combine various cuisines to create unique tasting creative dishes. She has her own youtube channel where she shares her video blogs and her website  The Sneaky Apron  showcases various foodie recipes and experiences.

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